It all started with a boy and a cow on a farm

Meet Our Family

Kyle and Jordan began their journey into beef production by raising cows for fun, just cooking for friends and family. After hearing positive feedback for many years, they decided to share what truly sets them apart on a larger scale. The good, simple lifestyle runs through many generations of their family. Kyle’s mom and dad carried on the traditions of their parents, and now Kyle and Jordan are passing that life onto their kids. They love the animals and the life it provides for their family — it’s what brings peace to their home. They have 3 children: Asher (the youngest), Miller (the middle) and Gus (the first born). Previously located in Arizona, they relocated to Texas at their current farm in Wills Point, just northeast of Dallas.

I was a dedicated,  all-star high school football player who was recruited to Boise State University to play middle linebacker, which is where I met my lovely wife, Jordan, during my junior year. I fell in love with her, especially after her “smells like money” comment towards the scent of cow manure on our first date. Yep, she was a keeper! 

After I graduated, I knew that I had to make a life for my soon-to-be wife and family. Prior to farming, I dabbled putting my business degree to use in office systems  sales and real estate. All I knew at the time was my desire to utilize my hard work ethic – gained from my football career – and to be back outside. 

My grandpa on my mom’s side was a generational cattleman. According to Grandpa, his dad was the first to bring Aberdeen Angus into the western United States. That was in 1944. They ran a ranch in Arizona, where he would go and cowboy all summer. There weren’t any four wheelers around back then, so they rode everywhere on horseback, checked and fixed all the fences, and camped with the herd. So I decided to learn the cattle game from Grandpa. The business side of the farm included working every job on the dairy. 

“If you are going to learn about cows, pick dairying … it’s by far the most difficult.”

My grandfather saw my passion and love for the work and the animals, so he gave me a great herd of cows. 100 cows grew to 1000 cows my very first year, and then we had 3000 after 4 years. I even started helping other farmers with their farms, offering techniques on how I had made my cows so productive. At the time, we sold all conventional cows, so I had to learn the organic side of farming — the standardization process and long list of challenges that go along with that certification. 

Our trip to Switzerland is what sparked my interest in organic farming.  Seeing the beauty of those farms and how they cared for the animals piqued my curiosity into how I could do that myself. I began researching grazing operations which eventually led to our move to Texas and investment in organic farming. It was a leap of faith to start our own farm, but my love for the cow and passion for providing a good life for them help me remain patient with the process.  

“Understanding the science and nature of this business is very important to me — I am always thinking about the health of the cow.” 

Our family’s love for sharing an experience and a beautiful centerpiece (the meat!) is what led to our addition of beef cattle to our farm.

I grew up with teachers for parents who had a hobby farm and cattle on the side. I’ve always had a love for animals, which drew me to the 4-H program at an early age. Helping out at the county fair ended up paying for college, along with an academic scholarship. I attended Boise State University with a major in business, which is where I met Kyle my freshman year. I have a love for all things design and, at that time, for big city life. After traveling for college internships, I thought I would still be traveling to — maybe even living in — New York as a designer. 

I gravitate towards work that benefits others. I have a huge heart for philanthropic work with companies and sharing my talents with organizations with a cause mission. Prior to marrying Kyle, I began putting my passion for design and business acumen into working for and volunteering with nonprofits. I enjoy lending a hand in event planning for fundraising events that give back to the greater good.

“I always want to provide an ambiance where people feel welcomed and safe, so I focused a lot of my energy on non profit organizations and contributing to their specific needs through my skill set in design.” 

My excitement to help others is a major reason why Kyle and I started GBC, because our farm produces good for all: good for the animal, the environment, the body — the family. 

“When we got the opportunity to go into farming for ourselves from Kyle’s grandpa and dad, we took it … and we haven’t looked back since!” 

Our first few years  together in the dairy farming culture was rough. We watched as our friends traveled and enjoyed their 20’s, but we both remained focused and continued to work hard. We finally were able to visit Europe. Our shared experiences with our hosts brought us back to the quality and attention to detail so important to Kyle’s grandfather, which is why we provide GOOD beef to our customers.

I am still able to draw from my passion for design and entrepreneurial spirit, infusing that into the aesthetics of our home and my love for my family and the animals. I also am a self-taught cook who loves trying out new flavors, researching recipes, and experimenting with interesting spices.

Our eldest is fearless and not one to back down from rough and tumble. He is always happy-go-lucky and makes sure that he is heard. One of our favorite stories about Gus is how one day he saw the need to herd some of our cattle, so he resourcefully grabbed a dustpan to help move them back where they belong – mimicking the way he has watched his dad do it so many times. Just a day in the life of our little dustpan herder. 

Miller is quiet, a great fisherman and known around the farm as the chicken whisperer … tucking the chickens under his arm whenever needed (and sometimes just for fun). He’s gutsy and fearless like his big brother, which is why they love adventuring and riding dirt bikes together around the farm.

Our baby boy is not one to shy away from greeting you in his full birthday suit, as our local UPS driver Alan will attest! Asher loves frogs and he has an invincible spirit. He rides all over the farm driving his dune buggy (with his feet!), checking on the heifers and the baby calves. 

Your beef is of such higher quality and taste and I believe that this makes a huge difference in the nutrition.
- J. Tabor,