-Grandpa Conrad Gingg

“You take care of the cows, they take care of you.”

At GBC, We Set Our Cows Up to Live A Good Life.

Setting things up properly with a barn design that facilitates calm cow movement keeps them less stressed. The barns are very spacious as the cattle need lots of space to rest, move around, eat / drink, lie down and socialize.

We keep them happy and comfortable outside with ample room to eat, drink and ruminate in the fresh air.

Centuries-Old Sustainable Farming.

We draw from our roots to create a product that supports the health and welfare of our world. Our lifestyle farming attitude combined with our rich, Swiss family farming heritage and farming backgrounds has always emphasized quality and attention to detail along with sustainable practices — all of which remain the foundation of our family business.

Our Commitment to YOU:

In an effort to do right by our customers and our planet, the GBC farm also is on the path to becoming Carbon Neutral Certified. We are working on carbon dioxide reduction, renewable energy and carbon positivity which are ideologies our family feels very strong about and will continue to pursue.

The cattle themselves also contribute. Ruminant animals have four “stomachs” that break down fibrous material and turn it into a useful product. For example, cows digest grasses, legumes, and other forage and ultimately turn it into milk or meat. Since cows are the largest ruminant animal, they have the biggest impact on fiber intake. Without them, that plant material would burn into carbon and release into the atmosphere.

Prior to this country becoming inhabited by European settlers, an estimated 60 million bison performed this same service for our environment. With bison no longer existing in such numbers, cattle now play the larger role.

Cattle also eat a lot of the leftovers created by crops like wheat, beans and corn — like the wheat straw, for example. Their ability to ingest this otherwise unusable material is good for the environment and creates an additional revenue stream for the farmers.

Dedication to Transparent,
Sustainable, Organic Practices.

GBC is committed to consistently delivering a product we would serve our family. We deliver “guiltless” red meat — better for the cow, environment and consumer. Further,
we are dedicated to the difficulty of maintaining the USDA Organic Certification, which is an exception to our counterparts in the local industry. Some of the requirements around this certification include:

  • Conserving natural resources and biodiversity on our farm Steering clear of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), antibiotics and hormones
  • Grazing our cattle year-round on certified organic land
  • Maintaining a transparent food supply chain
  • Having our processor certified as organic, and continual monitoring by a USDA National Organic Program authorized certifying agent
  • We provide the pasture space for our cows to be cows, and Commit ourselves to raising happy, comfortable cows.



to be even better than organic — and go beyond what is “required” everyday to meet these high USDA standards.


to nourish your family with simple, honest beef that you can feel good about. No guessing where it came from or what’s in it. It contains only the good stuff — no antibiotics, growth hormones, fillers or dyes.


to hold ourselves to uncompromising quality standards by tasting, testing and analyzing every cut of beef. We want each meal you serve around our product to be the new family favorite.

Your beef is of such higher quality and taste and I believe that this makes a huge difference in the nutrition.
J. Tabor,